Sewer Lines

Blocked Sewer Line

Grease build up is the most common cause of a blocked sewer line. It sneaks up on homeowners, because it happens gradually. It is usually caused by years of putting grease down the garbage disposal. This type of clog typically happens 25 feet or so into the piping system. The reason is that at this point the hot water that goes down the drains has cooled off, and so liquid grease can start building up and coagulating. With no hot water to cut through the grease it starts to build up. When it builds up enough a blocked sewer line … Continue reading

Sewer Cleaning

Is your sewer clogged? Are your toilets constantly becoming clogged or backed up? Are you looking for sewer cleaning? As sewer system networks age, the risk of deterioration, blockages and collapses becomes a major concern. As a result, home owners are taking proactive measures to improve performance levels of their sewer systems. Cleaning and inspecting sewer lines are essential to maintaining a properly functioning system. Sewer cleaning is not an easy job. We recommend if you are having on-going issues with your sewer to contact a plumbing contractor to investigate the issue.