Water Heater

Pilot Light Issues

If your pilot light continually goes out, then the likely problem is a faulty thermocouple. This can be a bit complicated and so we suggest you hire an electrician to do this work. Make sure you are holding down the pilot light button firmly. If, while holding down the pilot light button, the pilot light will not start then the issue could be gas is not getting to the furnace. One cause could be an air bubble in the gas line. If you hold down the pilot light long enough this should solve the issue. If the problem persists you … Continue reading

Best water heater

The Defender hot water heater from Bradford White is our top pick for a tank-type hot water heater. The cost of purchasing and installing the unit is important, but over the long haul, the reliability and safety of the unit mean more to the home owner. We have had fewer problems, call-backs and service calls with this unit than any of the other tank-type water heaters we have installed in the past. That alone is the best recommendation we can give you for why you should be using this unit. Let’s look at a few of the technical reasons that … Continue reading

Standard Water Heater

When to Replace your Standard Water Heater Standard water heaters will give you a few signs that they need to be replaced. Some of the signs that your water heater needs replacing are: * A puddle under your water heater. This could be that your tank is leaking or you have a leaky drain valve. If it’s the drain valve leaking you can get this repaired, but if the tank is corroded and leaking it’s time to replace your water heater. * Not as much hot water as before. Does your hot water run out quicker than it did in … Continue reading